We are a small family business in אסטפונה, one of the Costa del Sol’s most beautiful villages.

I am Spanish (grew up in Germany – Baden Württemberg) and came to אסטפונה for the first time in 1980. After about 14 years working in real estate sales and rentals, I decided to emigrate to Germany and start a new life. With my partner Wilfried Zeckai (camera operator, photographer and filmmaker), we lived in Wiesbaden.

For various reasons, we decided 11 years later to move to Estepona. As it was like my home for me, it was not difficult for our little family to adapt. Our common son (born in 1998) also adapted very quickly and it didn’t take him long to learn the language.

“The life quality we have here can not be compared with the one we had in Wiesbaden or in any other city  in Europe. Our biggest dream was to live next to the sea to enjoy the sun and the warmth of the folk. The sun hides only 3 or 4 days a year, if it hides at all, hence its name “Costa del Sol”. The international aspect of the residents immediately made us part of this community.”

I’ve sold and rented properties over and over the years, though my main business to roll it in lies in other fields (accounting). I’ve always kept selling the properties which I’ve been offered. Now we turned the expansion of this business into our main activity.

After the recent events over the past years, we’ve noticed just how important it is to have a comfortable space to live. That is why we had the idea to offer properties in Estepona and its localities, in order for others to take such a beautiful and decisive step, like we did before.

But there is also the possibility to buy a flat/house and rent it out during the hot summer months (July-August). Estepona has become, thanks to our “unique” mayor, a dream place to live or spend a holiday. At the moment there are lots of new buildings, but also beautiful detached and semi-detached houses for resale. We also offer the possibility to rent something first and test if it is worthwhile to settle in Estepona. 





Assistant / Interpreter

מיכאל אלישע

יועץ נדל"ן